Passionate Poynton local with a desire to help unify local business owners, and pull Poynton companies out of the pandemic pit.

I absolutely LOVE our village (no, I will not call it a town even though I know we technically are one now!) and so driving down the downcast and gloomy Park Lane every day throughout lockdown filled me with sorrow. Our once bustling high street was now devoid of human life, and as a small business owner myself, I felt the pain that other local entrepreneurs were feeling as we rode the same, unpredictable and unprecedented storm.


With light at the end of the tunnel dimming and fading with each news report and government announcement, I wanted to do something that would create “Dunkirk spirit” and community solidarity for supporting the very best of what Poynton has to offer while business doors were shut; thus, the idea for Promote Poynton was born.


I decided that, with some personal savings I had, to put the wheels into motion for a new website that contains a highly user-friendly, online directory that will enable the supportive residents of Poynton to find trusted, recommended businesses all on our doorstep. Each business can self-customise their very own page with their own imagery, as well as receive direct messages, provide back-links to their social media and websites, and display reviews from their customers and clients.


Along with this, we have a dedicated Facebook group called “Promote Poynton – Community, Business and Networking Hub” where local people can ask for recommendations, share their positive experiences with Poynton businesses and companies can advertise their services. Our Instagram page has daily features on local companies and provides yet another platform to help make businesses more visible to the local public. 


When companies sign up to this community project, their small monthly membership fee not only enables them to promote but also to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs from the village with a private Facebook support group. We also will be putting on subsidised networking events (hosted locally, of course!) as well as providing workshops and seminars on ways to help your business, which will feature local business experts in such areas as Social Media management, customer service, HR and employment law, finance, and many more.


On top of this, Promote Poynton offers free membership and promotion to all community, charity and free services, as well as making regular donations to local causes.


To learn more about how you can be involved with Promote Poynton, please send an email to us at

Poynton Village
Poynton Village Photo by Adam Booth


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